Never forget… Manzanar

One Camp, Ten Thousand Lives. One Camp, Ten Thousand stories.

Manzanar is nestled at the base of a mountain, a mountain [on this day] still decorated with snow caps. I can’t help but pair weather together with the mood of an area I’m in. The dramatic clouds were mourning, and I felt that much more affected simply by the greyness in the cloud and the blocked, dim lighting.

There was something heavy in the air that day.

Thinking of the miscarriages of justice that occurred on the soil that I was walking on, to people of my own ancestry filled me with anger; but by the end with pride. The people of Manzanar and their stories are uplifting. It’s an incredible testament to the strength, and determination of people.

Leaving Manzanar though, raises questions about the current state that we live in. Are we that much better off? How much have we learned? It’s sad to see these ugly patterns of the human condition, weaving itself into existence today. If history is to repeat itself, we will have new Manzanars – this time paying tribute and recognizing the tragedies, difficulties, and injustices experienced by <fill in the blank>.

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