Make the most of every damn day [Hawaii]

The first few days in Hawaii have been eventful. Busy. Packed. Filled. But, great days. Atalie and I have been charged with a renewed, burning energy to make every damn day count.

It’s easy to say what I’m about to say when you’re in an awesome place like Hawaii, but there is awesomeness everywhere. Some are better at finding it than others, and I am constantly trying to improve this skill every day. With the road trip just around the corner, I want to calibrate my internal adventure-seeking compass to make every damn day count. Life is too short. Insert cliché(s) here
waking up early, to torture ourselves and climb a bazillion stairs. the fun end (looking down).
for a little perspective, this was on the other end (looking up). the less fun end. about a bazillion steps ago from the previous pic.
but then, you see Hawaii Kai/Koko Marina adorned with a rainbow, almost like it was wearing a sash (can you spot the 2nd?)
the other end of the rainbow, trailed it’s way into Hana’uma Bay.
Hawaii-10 off topic, but, f*ck cancer
no more than 5 minutes later, it started pouring on us. It was pretty awesome.

One of the things I love the most about being back home is to see the unrelenting passion people have for the ocean. On the eastern side of the island, in my home town of Kailua, you can find people playing in the Ocean way past sunset.
As adults, we must return to the times in our life when we were playful. Life can’t be taken too seriously. Hammocks are the perfect tool to assist with this.
a moment, captured. 
hella, artistic.
ocean, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, clouds, mountains, sand, beach — too much awesomeness in one picture.


beaches are typically thought of only as a place that are magical only in the high noon sun, hours of the day. Not true.


the most calm moments, of the beach, are at the end of the day. footprints temporarily imprinted in the sand. Blues of the ocean, blending into the sand, otherwise bright white under the radiating sun. In only a matter of hours, all becomes black (to the human eye) past twilight.


This island, I tell you, is pretty spectacular.


Just remember, there is magic just about everywhere. An unfair statement to make while I write this from Hawaii, and post pictures from Hawaii, I admit. Nonetheless, there is magic, and awesomeness everywhere. We often blind ourselves (I’ve done it millions of times over) to the truth. The truth is that, every damn day is a blessing, and every damn day is special. Let’s remember that, even if only for 1 day a week.

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One thought on “Make the most of every damn day [Hawaii]

  • every day. every damn day. #luckyEveryday .. everyday’s a gift .. one of my favorites “when you first wake up, say ‘thank you’ .. try having a bad day after that” thank you for the inspiration Nate, and this great great reminder

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