sand all over our tent…

We left Willits, CA a little after 12pm. Packing the 4 Runner presented some challenges. The Yakima rack poles had shifted; probably from the multiple trips up and down the 7 mile bumpy, dirt road to commute to work from the previous week*. With the Yakima Skybox attached to the poles, and already packed with our goods it was a challenge to move and slide the pole. With the help of Jesse and Jesse’s cousin, James, we were able to adjust the Yakima pole and Skybox.

Driving up the hill made things feel real. We are really doing this. We are really about to embark on a trip for a few months, traveling this beautiful country. It was sad leaving, and saying goodbyes to our friends. Our friends really are our second family.
After a quick car wash to remove the fine dust and dirt of Irmulco Road we were on our way through Avenue of the Giants. Truly remarkable.


A random girl attempting to scale a fallen Redwood


The State Park that contains the famous “Avenue of the Giants”

We then drove past Eel River and had some stunning views. I elected (mostly due to time issues) to keep driving and not get out to snap some pics, however, I must say the scenery was gorgeous.

We stopped in Fortuna and had dinner with my mom (she’s here on a Traveling Nursing Assignment). We ate at Eel River Brewing and I was able to drink their Emerald Triangle Double IPA — DELICIOUS! We continued on and drove through Orick, CA – a small town just 20 minutes outside the campgrounds we were headed to. I immediately saw that my Hotspots were catching signal here so I knew I would head there the following morning to do some work.

We finally made it to the Gold Bluffs Beach Campground, but not before seeing this huge pack (?), herd (?) of Elk.

Continuing, we drove down a nicely smoothened out dirt road about an hour before sunset, to finally end up at the campgrounds.

Kaua’i waited patiently while we unloaded, and set up camp.

We walked down to the beach, and after spending a month in Hawaii on warm beaches, this was quite the opposite. While we aren’t able to jump into the water here, it has a certain charm. The cold airs remind me of the fragility of the human species.

We watched the sun set, the ending to day 1, and the start of an incredible journey.

*I’m doing this road trip while working full-time at my company as a remote employee. 


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