don’t look down

It took three years from the first time I went to Yosemite and saw Half Dome before I actually had a chance to hike it. I was convinced that Half Dome was a huge hologram and totally not real. Turns out, it’s real.

The morning started out pretty early

But I’m told the early bird catches the worm..or something like that

Since this is at the end of summer Nevada falls and Vernal falls weren’t in their full glory; still cool to see

Why is Nevada falls called Nevada falls anyway? It’s not in Nevada.. (too lazy to Google)

We saw ants climbing up this hill, so we went to go have a look

Oh wait, those were people.

People holding on to these cables with all their will and might.

Including this guy. Hi, it’s me.

Don’t turn around.

The views from Half Dome were above average (sarcasm).

This guy was lazy so he used a rope instead of climbing. You can’t always cut corners in life (again, sarcasm).

So there you have it. I finally climbed Half Dome. It was pretty awesome. I definitely poo’ed my pants climbing up and down the cables. If you’re stupid, I recommend you do it.

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