na na na na na na, BATMAN!

ok, so we didn’t see any bats. the bats migrate to Carlsbad Caverns during the spring through late Autumn, but we did see some awesome stalagmites, stalagtites, and other really cool scientific-y speleological formations.

don’t know what speleology is? neither did i. i’m here to hook you up.



this marks the 36th National Park (out of 59) that we’ve been to together. If you didn’t know, we have a goal to see every park by the age of 35.


in order to get to the massive cave system one must go through the natural entrance (which we didn’t do) or go down an elevator.

i was immediately shocked by the operation in the base of the big room. it sadly resembled the look and feel of a theme park. there were cheap, processed, fast foods and cheesy, overpriced souvenirs for purchase. want a corny pic with your family with the cave as your backdrop? – similar to the way you receive a pic post theme park ride – they got you covered. now, i know that the park system has to succumb to this likely 3rd party vendor to manage the tourist economy in the park to generate revenue, but i still can’t help to crumble in sadness when i see it.


long carrots?


they called this doll theatre? or something to that tune.


it was very challenging taking pics in the cave without the use of flash – which mostly would wash out the images – so i did my best to reduce shake. had to crank up the ISO which increases the graininess in some of these imgs.


if jellyfish mated with coral reef?


idk about you, but i see a walrus.


side profile of walrus.




would you go down?


it’s the cave monster



the stalagmite columns in the appropriately named “Hall of Giants” were flippin’ massive. the worlds tallest stalagmite exists here with the measured stats of 16 feet width, 62 feet in height. It took only 280 million years of water dripping from the 285 foot ceiling for this formation to birth. grab yourself some popcorn.

fact credit:


lion tail.

i see upside down kale. or brocoli.




now, i haven’t been to Spain to see the famed Sagrada Familia, but thanks to the int3rw3bz I have seen many images of it. When in caverns and I see a mighty room dangling with stalagtites that are brightly lit, I see this as nature’s version of the Sagrada Familia. But upside down.


img credit:





mother earth, most beautiful designer ever, so beautifully decorates her halls, rooms in caverns with some impressive drapery (drapes).



thanks for giving this a read.

One thought on “na na na na na na, BATMAN!

  • The cavern looks amazing with all the different formations! I supposedly went there when I was a kid, but couldn’t remember what it was like. Now I’m interested in going! I’m putting this on our list when we travel in that direction, thanks for sharing this. Also, I’m impressed that your pics turned out so well with such low lighting!

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