Leadership: Lamar Jackson Takes Blame For Fumble, Teammates Show Support

This is what leadership looks like.

  • Accepting responsibility, and closely related;
  • Ownership.
  • Communicating back to your comrades.
  • Stepping up

What follows is a classic example of why sports can teach us so much about life, particularly leadership. Context: Lamar Jackson is having a MVP run of a season. Jackson is shattering rushing records and up to this moment hasn’t fumbled the football.

But then, he does; he fumbles the football. At a key moment in the game. His response?

Accepts responsibility and tells his guys, it’s my fault. Because of the respect he’s established with his team mates, they all say “you good”, and express other varieties of no worries.

Jackson owns his slight miscalculation. This is a leader who is seeking perfection – of course which is impossible. Instead of becoming crippled by the fumble, he gets back in the game, pumps up his team mates, but most important: he lets his action speak for itself. He delivers on a crucial 4th down to convert for a new series of downs. This eventually leads to the game winning field goal by kicker, Justin Tucker.


I know I’ll circle back to this moment in sports history and greatness. It may not have been the Superbowl, or even an AFC championship game. The game did carry weight because the opponent, the 49ers, are a powerhouse. Many have headlined this game as a possible Superbowl preview.

The points all stick, regardless of whether this is the first game of the season, or the Superbowl.

Good leaders are a rarity. Jackson earned himself in my eyes, at a young 22 years in age, an inspiration leader. Those who get to share the same uniform with him are privileged. I can’t wait to see what Jackson comes up with in the next 10+ years of his football career. I also have the feeling his leadership will display itself outside of the football field, in his community and amongst his friends and family.

“We’re riding with you regardless‼️”

“I got you, bro‼️”


Watch Wired on YouTube and CTV: https://t.co/YQo9scaqkQ pic.twitter.com/VwLhfoImvE

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) December 4, 2019


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