100,000 ft of elevation

That is the goal I will work toward starting today, June 13-2020 until August 22, 2020. This is part of the Leadville 100,000 ft challenge.

Here’s the math.

Between 6/13/2020 – 8/22/2020 there are 70 days. 100,000 ft / 70 days = 1,428.57143 ft/elevation needed per day (on average). 😱

Context on the challenge:

And just to show that it’s official

What can you expect?

I’ll be writing along to record my progress. I’ve been inspired by Haruki Murakami who is one of my favorite authors. I am nearly finished reading his book “What I talk about when I talk about Running“. (edit: finished 6-13-2020 @ 6pm while sipping a glass of white wine post run)

Murakami weaves stories of running and writing together in this memoir. I am interested in sharing my stories by copying this approach. Murakami is in an elite class of writers like Hemingway. So my style, effect, and prose will be nothing like what Murakami so perfectly did in his book.

I am hoping to use the 100,000 ft of elevation as a cracking whip to get me to share my stories and experiences. I will also be implementing photography, video to complement my adventure.


Chapter 1: The start 6-13-2020 11:55am

As I sit here and write on a gloomy and gray PNW Spring, sipping my coffee, and clicking and clacking away at the keyboard I prepare for my first run.

I am nourished by

I look forward to every Saturday morning which most always includes bacon and coffee. The carbs rotate between toast, bagels, and white rice. But eggs and the sting of Tobasco always highlight the salty tones of the bacon and the aridness of a black coffee.

I’m setting up WordPress and doing other boring logistical things to prepare myself for the next 70 days. I am planning on getting a jump start on the elevation by heading up to the Chantrelle Trail near my home.

The Chanterelle Trail ascends 2,200 feet in 5 miles through a mix of forest types. The scenic Chanterelle Overlook is located 2.4 miles from the trailhead.

Whatcom County Washington

source: http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/2098/Lake-Whatcom-Park#:~:text=The%20Chanterelle%20Trail%20ascends%202%2C200,2.4%20miles%20from%20the%20trailhead.

By the end of today I will have a slight lead on the elevation, but I expect by the middle of next week that I’ll be challenged to maintain the elevation. Since it takes about 20 minutes to drive to the Chantrelle Trail Parking lot, each trip involves the dedication of time beyond the physical act of running. I’ll be accounting for this,

* * *

Boom. Done. First run in the bank with 2,314 ft of elevation.

2.314% of the mission complete.

As this post was lacking photos, here’s my chance to redeem myself.


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