Bad@$$ Badlands

It was a scorcher…

but who cares, right? When you got views like this.

off, for a very short walk we went

magnificent views, 360 degrees around

the elements, and fragility of time

but you didn’t come hear for metaphors, you wanted to see sunsets

I got your back

I’m still amazed at the ISO range on cameras and how they can capture quality when you’re in a moving car.

the heat, well that didn’t really leave. But the clouds started coming..not before I could snap this full moon shot. 105mm is all I gots.

twilight…not the book or movie series

First attempt at capturing lightning. Didn’t find a space dark enough, but also sheltered.

All in all, pretty amazing day back in August. Badlands, definitely bad@$$. Will need to make a return trip soon.