Oyster Dome

Been seriously backlogged with tons of work, travels, photos, videos, and… but…you don’t care about that. Let’s get into the pictures!

Today, we hiked Oyster Dome

stunning views even before you begin the hike

i moss say, it was a pretty beautiful day. lame, pun.

and away we go!

They see me rollin
They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty

i swear i saw a squirrel

i mean, how could one not like hiking?

i think i’m just going to sit on this log right here

let’s get the blood flowin’

obligatory head rub

tall f*in’ trees



let’s stop and stare at this beautiful 1 foot waterfall

they’re tiny compared to the trees

when will my reflections

show who i am inside..

ha! take that spider. j/k i hope you caught a fly or something

nature close up looks kind of trippy..not gonna lie.

that rocks.

snow can be over rated

oh, hi d3r

ok, mad props to this 3 legged dog who hiked this trail like a boss

more white stuff

white stuff + tree stump = hard for the camera sensor to properly process photo

who’s a good girl?

i was trying to take a pic of this tree but they photobombed the tree..

so many lines

let’s all stare this way

hm.. this is beautiful?

was it worth that hike, Kaua’i?

i seriously think that fog sometimes is ghosts flying

the model pose



my right side is the best

trees + snow + dog + hiking = happy hippy times

the road well traveled

why did i take so many pics of the hiking trail?

hurry up… haha j/k ❤

omg, we made it back. the islands look just the same


damn, i’m pretty sick. i just finished a 5 mile hike.

yah, head deserves to be tilted a little higher.