aurora hunting

to see Aurora Borealis, you’d normally think of Alaska, Finland, Iceland, Greenland (basically a country ending in ‘land’), amirite?

well, we were in for a treat this past Sunday night as the KP Index was 7 – 9 all the way down in Washington state. in other words, NORTHERN LIGHTS. boom shaka laka laka, boooom!

before going any further, if you ever have any desire to check out the northern lights check out this amazing site: which provided us all of the details needed.

the day started off chill. we camped at the colonial creek campground in North Cascades National Park. i went for a little stroll down to the lake to see what the fuss was all about. i decided after seeing it, that it was pretty chill.

we then went driving around the park to find a good look out. we didn’t end up going here, but check out this view. not bad, right?

this was the beginning of the show. we were sort of aiming our cameras in different directions to see what we could pick up. the purples were the first colors that showed.

while waiting, the milky way was out kicking @$$

then the colors started coming out.

at first we were bummed with these clouds, but then after seeing the streak it was creating with the long exposures i stopped minding. since i didn’t have a good foreground this sort of helped add an additional element to the shots.

it’s like a rainbow.

so friggin dope.


the ‘columns’ then began shooting up. this was all happening between the 1am-2am window and then it kind of died down. we then headed to another lookout to see if we could see anything there. we didn’t see anything but the milky way was really bold and prominent in the sky so i got some shots of that.

thanks for reading and please give me some feedback on these shots. we had an amazing time and can’t believe we could see this all the way down in washington. what a memorable night!

yellowstones cracks, veins, gases, and elements

this was day 2 of our trip to Yellowstone, back in August 2016. If you haven’t already, check out day 1.

the day started off with fog. the sun silently peered through the clouds and eventually burned through.

clearing it’s way for a bright ambush of patchy blue clouds

the landscape of Yellowstone is full of surprises. earths presence, if no where else, is strongly felt in Yellowstone.

the inner matter of earth, is literally flowing out of and settling into yellowstone.

providing science experiments. fermentations. gases. oils. pressure.

that come together and create masterpieces

reflecting the sky through it’s cracks, veins, smells, and elements

sometimes, even looking like the landscape of a war ground when the vents letting out gases appear to be the smoke of a burned land

and then there’s old faithful – good for it’s name. reliable.

the keepers of the land

what sometimes may be tempting, can be quite dangerous

the earth is stewing

the veins, stretch long and touch us

so deep, they go

and with colors, that burn the eye

life, flourishes

there’s something so wild about this place, that makes us all so curious

yellowstone … need i say more?

ok, i’m not gonna lie. if you don’t like waterfalls then this blog post won’t be for you.

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OOF (out of focus)

ahhh, the great outdoors

check out the gnarly approaching rain clouds. half of the img = blue skies, the other half = crazy storm

look at the size of the mouth on that thing

attention is in the details

can i fit in too, guys?

just, beautiful

look at that palette of colors!

mah goodness

some beautiful hills

hi d3r

oh, itZ m33h

pretty accurate and literal name

definitely loved these stop-offs


plant your roots deep

jealous of the trees daily view

a tall photo

by this time, the storm started to roll in along with the booming thunder

the details of nature

go see this place. now. like. seriously. now. go.

Oyster Dome

Been seriously backlogged with tons of work, travels, photos, videos, and… but…you don’t care about that. Let’s get into the pictures!

Today, we hiked Oyster Dome

stunning views even before you begin the hike

i moss say, it was a pretty beautiful day. lame, pun.

and away we go!

They see me rollin
They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty

i swear i saw a squirrel

i mean, how could one not like hiking?

i think i’m just going to sit on this log right here

let’s get the blood flowin’

obligatory head rub

tall f*in’ trees



let’s stop and stare at this beautiful 1 foot waterfall

they’re tiny compared to the trees

when will my reflections

show who i am inside..

ha! take that spider. j/k i hope you caught a fly or something

nature close up looks kind of trippy..not gonna lie.

that rocks.

snow can be over rated

oh, hi d3r

ok, mad props to this 3 legged dog who hiked this trail like a boss

more white stuff

white stuff + tree stump = hard for the camera sensor to properly process photo

who’s a good girl?

i was trying to take a pic of this tree but they photobombed the tree..

so many lines

let’s all stare this way

hm.. this is beautiful?

was it worth that hike, Kaua’i?

i seriously think that fog sometimes is ghosts flying

the model pose



my right side is the best

trees + snow + dog + hiking = happy hippy times

the road well traveled

why did i take so many pics of the hiking trail?

hurry up… haha j/k ❤

omg, we made it back. the islands look just the same


damn, i’m pretty sick. i just finished a 5 mile hike.

yah, head deserves to be tilted a little higher.


na na na na na na, BATMAN!

ok, so we didn’t see any bats. the bats migrate to Carlsbad Caverns during the spring through late Autumn, but we did see some awesome stalagmites, stalagtites, and other really cool scientific-y speleological formations.

don’t know what speleology is? neither did i. i’m here to hook you up.



this marks the 36th National Park (out of 59) that we’ve been to together. If you didn’t know, we have a goal to see every park by the age of 35.


in order to get to the massive cave system one must go through the natural entrance (which we didn’t do) or go down an elevator.

i was immediately shocked by the operation in the base of the big room. it sadly resembled the look and feel of a theme park. there were cheap, processed, fast foods and cheesy, overpriced souvenirs for purchase. want a corny pic with your family with the cave as your backdrop? – similar to the way you receive a pic post theme park ride – they got you covered. now, i know that the park system has to succumb to this likely 3rd party vendor to manage the tourist economy in the park to generate revenue, but i still can’t help to crumble in sadness when i see it.


long carrots?


they called this doll theatre? or something to that tune.


it was very challenging taking pics in the cave without the use of flash – which mostly would wash out the images – so i did my best to reduce shake. had to crank up the ISO which increases the graininess in some of these imgs.


if jellyfish mated with coral reef?


idk about you, but i see a walrus.


side profile of walrus.




would you go down?


it’s the cave monster



the stalagmite columns in the appropriately named “Hall of Giants” were flippin’ massive. the worlds tallest stalagmite exists here with the measured stats of 16 feet width, 62 feet in height. It took only 280 million years of water dripping from the 285 foot ceiling for this formation to birth. grab yourself some popcorn.

fact credit:


lion tail.

i see upside down kale. or brocoli.




now, i haven’t been to Spain to see the famed Sagrada Familia, but thanks to the int3rw3bz I have seen many images of it. When in caverns and I see a mighty room dangling with stalagtites that are brightly lit, I see this as nature’s version of the Sagrada Familia. But upside down.


img credit:





mother earth, most beautiful designer ever, so beautifully decorates her halls, rooms in caverns with some impressive drapery (drapes).



thanks for giving this a read.

Hitting the Road

As many of you know, today 7/6/2016, we are hitting the road for a cross-country road trip.

How long? It all depends. It might be a month, it might be a few months. It will depend on work, Kaua’i (our dog), pure comfort, and weather.

Where are we headed? We have some ideas, but will figure a lot of that out on the fly.

2016-07-06_10-32-47.png*here are some places on our list, but by no means is this planned out in stone

Why? We’re in this really unique, but fortunate position to do this now. With all the conversations I hear from friends, family, acquaintances, friendly strangers alike — this is the thing to do. See my previous post [future] me advice for [now] me where I talk about living in the moment, and making decisions now that I’ll look back on in the future with great happiness. Traveling makes both Atalie and I feel very alive, and now is the time to do it. There’s also been so much negativity in the news/media, so we are going to channel our energy instead on positive things and the things we love. We hope to meet people on the road that share the same enthusiasm, vigor, and passion for life that we do.