Aliens, UFOs, and Blinding White Sand

Roswell, New Mexico. For some reason I’ve always to visit this┬ástrange city. As a kid I was scared to death of UFOs and the thoughts of extra terrestrial life gave me nightmares. But I continued to watch Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack and would literally run in and outside as fast as I could when my mom asked me to take the trash out in the evening time as a result. Roswell always symbolized to me – if not somewhat naively – the destination for Alien lifeforms and collection of all things UFOs/aliens. I was right about the second part of that as we saw plastered all over town signage and cheesy marketing posters of aliens.

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Because this was a pit stop for us we only had time for one attraction it seemed the most efficient use of our time to head to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

Let’s just say you have to go to truly experience the museum. For $5 it’s a solid 1 hour of entertainment. I’m not taking a position on UFOs and E.T. and what happened in Corona, New Mexico here, but I will say that the documentation, artifacts, and other memorabilia at the museum is truly priceless.


we left the museum, and started our journey to Tempe, AZ. En route was White Sands National Monument. This was an unplanned trip, but once we saw it on our route we instantly allotted extra time to pick up yet another stamp in our National Park Passport stamp.


we normally take pretty good pics in front of the National Park Service signs, however, this sign for some reason got the best of us. My eyes are shut and Atalie’s sunglasses are a bit slanted.


it was quite windy and you can see in the pic above the sand blowing in the distance. this is not enough to deter these two children at the center of the image running with their sled to slide down the gentle dunes.


the footprints in the sand looked so cool


This 1.5 hour stop ended up being one of my favorite memories of this trip. The park is a hidden gem, and seeing the achievement of nature to produce this 275 square mile wonder field over the last 10,000 years blows my mind. But the narrator in the NPS video said, 10,000 years is “yesterday” in geological terms. Wonder what the next 10,000 years will do to the dunes.

We hope that the next time we’ll be able to sled in the sand like the kids pictured above and hike 1 mile out and camp in the middle of the dunes.